Filming with the Dublin Honey Project

I began filming at 6:15 am with Kieran Harnett and Gearóid Carvill at their apiary in Goatstown loading the hives into the van. We then drove to Belvedere College, where I filmed the installing the hives on the roof of the college.

It was a great experience to finally film hives being installed on a city roof.


Screen Testing

My supervisor had arranged for the group that are creating video documentaries to meet at 2:00 pm in LT2. There I showed my documentary to ten of my fellow students and three lectures Ian, Robert and Hugh. I handed out a questionnaire with four questions:

How did you like the documentary?

What were the things you liked most?

What were the things you liked lest?

Were you confused by any part of the documentary, if so when and why?

I received some positive and some negative feedback, the music was a big issue most people thought it was too repetitive and needed to be changed there was also comment about having the narrator speaking over some of the interviewees, people found this to be confusing.

The positive feedback included everyone liked the footage of the bees and thought the documentary was very good overall.


Documentary Edit-9th Draft

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 22.30.41

Img. 1 Documentary edit-9th draft


This evening I finished the 9th draft, I began to include the b-roll on top of the footage, I had previously made a b-roll sequence, which I used some from and I took the rest from a previous draft. There is still much work that needs to be done such as warping some clips, colour grading and audio mixing, but as far as I can see there’s no obvious mistakes. I will check for again in the morning and begin making any fixes that need to be made and then get started warping everything that needs to done, have been warping as I was editing so theres only the new footage the needs to be warped it shouldn’t take too long.


Documentary Edit-8th Draft

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.42.26

Img 1. Documentary Edit-8th Draft

This morning I finished the eight edit, this edit includes the narration, which is fill be me for the moment for the purpose of the test  screening on Tuesday as the narration will not be recorded until Wednesday.

I feel the narration helps greatly to tell the story of the bee and makes the documentary more complete.


Img.2 Ending:Solution

Yesterday I thought about filming an ending with Dave Morris and having him explain about how the bee will be saved, then I go to work on the narrative, originally I felt that there was not enough information about the bees recovery.

I began to write down some information and eventually the ending came to me. Firstly, it begins with mentioning two of the projects I worked with the Bí project and the Green Plan that include bees, the next point I introduces is the role the mentors play in passing on their experience to new beekeepers and the finishing on the original ending of how the influx of new beekeepers will sustain the population and including several sub topics such as breeding for bees not for honey and finishing on bees becoming tolerant to the varroa mite, particularly the Asian honeybee that has learned to coexist with the mite, all of these topics send a message of hope in saving the species.

I also mailed Dave Morris a copy of the narration, to make sure there is nothing the is incorrect about the information in the voice-over.

Documentary Edit-7th Draft

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 23.19.36

Img. 1 7th edit

I began the 7th edit on Thursday night, I completely redid the edit from the beginning following the story arc that began introducing the bees and then the beekeepers and then introducing the problem followed by character development and the problem development and then the solution.

I started to plan the narration using my  voice to as a substitute for the narrator as the test viewing is on Tuesday and the narration will not be recorded until Wednesdays.

I took me almost five hours to complete 2:36 because I found the narration time-consuming. I felt it added a lot to the documentary, it was much more fluid and added a vast amount to the story.